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NASUWT - working with the Yorkshire & Humber Grid for Learning’ - commends the useful guide to using Facebook safely to you. There are particular dangers in using Facebook if it isn’t set up properly, as some of our members know to their peril It has the potential to be job-threatening so be very careful. Rquest a cpy or download the guide here..
Any new Appraisal Performance Management Policy  needs to checked against the NASUWT checklist. DO NOT let your school bring in any changes that do not conform to this. See our Autumn Newsletters for more details.
Take care with your Facebook page .... Never give out your personal email address or mobile number to students ....
Safe Use of the word!
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Preparations for a ballot for national action On the 9 September the NASUWT National Executive passed a resolution to begin the preparations for a national ballot of members across the UK. This is a major decision which will determine the future for teachers across the UK. In the last fifteen months teachers have faced relentless cuts and reform, with attacks on their pensions, pay, working conditions and job security. Over the same period the workload burden has increased, with members now telling the NASUWT that this is one of the major concerns that they have. Teacher morale is declining rapidly and many are so dissatisfied with their jobs that they are thinking of quitting altogether, potentially triggering a massive recruitment and retention crisis.