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Thanks to consistent efforts by NASUWT, part- time hours and pay have been clarified in the Blue Book 2008, and there are many references within your contract that are very helpful to part-time staff. As well as those common questions on the left, others include... If I work 0.5 of a week, are all my hours half that of a full-time teacher at the school, including hours outside the school day?  YES. If I agree with my school to attend a training day when I do not normally work do I get paid?  YES. This has, as many of you know, always been our advice, yet has been met with resistance by many schools, and there are plenty of examples where members have been bullied into attending something when they need not.  Not anymore.  Refer your school to pages of the Pay & Conditions Document.  (We will do it for you if you wish), where it is clearly spelt out. Part-time pay has also caused confusion and this too is dealt within the Document. There is now a standardised national pay formula (www.teachernet.gov.uk/management/payandperformace/pay/news/) which is a single methodology for establishing working time and pay throughout England and Wales. And finally, we should add that schools are now told to ensure that all part- time teachers are provided with a written agreed statement regarding working time, including teaching, and leadership and management time where applicable.  It should also set out expectations in respect of directed time to be deployed beyond the school day.
Can you be required to attend a parent’s evening or staff meeting on a day you do not work?  NO Do you have to attend a training day on a day which is not one of your contracted working days?  NO