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Performance Management
Consultation has now closed on the consultation document on the new PM proposals. NASUWT has serious concerns about the link to capability, the intention to sack more teachers for supposed incompetence, and ruin chances of getting teaching work elsewhere.
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Policy Virtually all Leeds schools have adopted the model PM policy as agreed with most of the unions (including NASUWT), the Government and Leeds Get it here..
Some reminders about the PM process:- The meeting should be a “professional dialogue” with “realistic and manageable” plans reflecting the “aspirations of the reviewee”; No more than 3 hours classroom observation, that should be “supportive and developmental” with a “clear rationale and focus”;  Your school must have a PM Policy including classroom observation protocol, following consultation with staff and unions.  NASUWT objects in the strongest terms to numerical ‘targets’ as objectives, and even OFSTED do not require ’1 - 4 style’ grading of lessons.  It is not acceptable that in some schools performance management is being hijacked as another stick to beat teachers with. The regulations do not mention ‘targets’ but use ‘objectives’. This is crucial as achieving objectives is critically different to the hit and miss mentality of targets. f any of this strike a chord with you then let us know.  If it has been a good or bad experience, if you have had to appeal, or your school is fantastic in its approach, we would love to hear from you.
Performance Management
Useful Information Guidance on PM: Gov’t, employers and union Guidance - very useful with Government badging as well as NASUWT Performance Management Regulations (statutary instruments)  FAQs - again Government, employer and unions document