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Blue & Burgundy Books The Blue Book details the contract for all those in community schools and trusts. It is available here. The Burgundy Book gives further information on sick entitlements, etc and you can get it here.
Independent Schools These will have different policies and procedures depending on where you work. If you would like to share any with us here at Leeds NASUWT, then please get in touch. Academies and Trust Schools These should have TUPED over with all existing national and local agreements. It is important that you check they do not change. Please inform us at NASUWT if you think they are being altered. Catholic Schools Many Catholic schools operate the CES policies, so it is important that you check if these are being used. CES Website David Young Academy Again, the academy has its own policies and we can say that mostly they are not as good as those recognised by Children’s Services Leeds City Council. If you would like to share any with us here at Leeds NASUWT, then please get in touch.
Leeds Local Authority Policies Click to download a copy... - Disciplinary - Grievance - Bullying and Harassment - Assaults on Staff - Policy, risk assessment, -Accident and Assault Forms CF50 CF50a - Capability - Leave of Absence - Pay - Recruitment - Performance Management - Sickness Absence/Managing Attendance - Work & Families - Flexible Working Guidance - Redundancy - Working Together, legal overview, managing change - Whistleblowing The sickness management policy has not been agreed with the unions and therefore it is not a collective agreement, but it is in operation throughout most Leeds schools. The Performance Management policy is the same as that agreed nationally by RIG (Rewards and Incentives Group made up of the previous government, employers and most unions).