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Why Unions?
NASUWT is extremely well respected throughout the teaching profession as well as within government. It is the largest teaching union in the UK and is the biggest in Leeds. Be a part of the best. Join NASUWT.
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Today over six and a half million people belong to a union – that is more than one worker in every three. In the teaching profession it is very much higher where virtually all teachers belong to a union – indeed, the Leeds authority recommend that you belong to a union. Union members are no different to anyone else, except they tend to be better paid and have better working conditions because they have someone to stand up for them. Ten examples of things unions do for their members – in other words, ten things that members do for themselves by working as a union: Advice on problems at work Representation in discussions with employers and managers Help improve pay and working conditions by negotiating with the government, schools and local authorities. Help  ensure your legal rights are enforced at work Help through courts, tribunals and the GTC where appropriate Support volunteer reps in schools Provide education and training courses Fight discrimination and promote equal opportunities Provide services, legal, financial, benevolence, discounts on insurance Lobby government and others in support of policies and laws which help people at work
Facts about unions The vast majority of workplaces recognise unions and the value they bring Unions win millions of pounds in compensation for members who suffer injury or discrimination at work. Accident rates are higher for non-union members and non-union members are twice as likely to be seriously injured as those who work in places where there are union safety reps. The average union member earns more than the average non-union member. The average union member gets more paid holidays than non-member. Almost every improvement in workplace conditions – for example equal pay laws, stronger health and safety legislation, time off, PPA time and workload reduction measures came about following pressure from trade unions. Why Unions? Unions work on the simple principle that while an employer might be able to ignore the views of a single worker, if workers speak with one voice then the employer has to take notice. Unions encourage their members to take part in collective decision making following union policy, to put views to the employer. Unions are not negative, but act constructively to better the pay and conditions for a teacher as we all know that a happy and healthy teacher will be a better teacher for the pupils and students. As a member of NASUWT, the union is you and all the other members. You can have a say in how the union is run, take an active part in organising and developing policy and shaping the future for all teachers.